Policies & Payment

    We will arrive at least 30 minutes early to set up for your event. Last call will be given 30 minutes before the end of your event. For weddings, unless there is a pre-wedding cocktail time, we will not serve any alcohol until after the wedding ceremony. We will not begin serving at any event until the bar is set up. This allows us to perform at a professional level from the start!
    Any guest appearing under the age of 30 will be asked to provide a valid form of identification. Any person caught giving alcohol to an underage person, will not be served any alcohol for the remainder of the event.
    Any person appearing to be intoxicated upon arrival to the event, will NOT be served.
    If a guest becomes intoxicated during the event, we will give a "REDĀ FLAG" notice to whoever is in charge of the event and inform them that we can no longer serve this guest any alcohol.
    No homemade cocktails, outside cocktails, self-serving cocktails, or shots will be offered on site as long as a licensed and insured bartender is present.
    Tennessee state law requires that food be available during all bar serving times. (cheese tray, chips and dip, are acceptable).
  • TRASH:
    You are responsible for the removal of all trash from the bar area. We ask that a trash can be provided for your event. We will do our best to keep all trash in one location for you to dispose of at the end of the event. If you would like for us to keep empty bottles please inform us before event.
    We are aware that we cannot control the weather. A back-up plan should be in place in case of rain or extreme heat or cold (45 and below or 85 and above.) Please keep in mind that our bars cannot be moved once they are set up.
    We are grateful for any gratuity. We will set up a tip jar and VENMO board for each event. If, however, you do not wish for us to set up a tip jar or Venmo board, a $20 per hour gratuity will be added to your invoice.
  • We will gladly discuss the cost of any/all services during your first call. As services may vary, we like to discuss your exact needs prior to giving any quote. You will receive an email with the cost of all services requested. Payment is due five(5) days prior to the event.
  • If you wish for us to purchase alcohol for your event, we will gladly do so. All alcohol purchased through us must be paid for one (1) week prior to event. (cost, plus service fee) We are happy to consult with you on amounts needed to accommodate your guests.
  • Payment must be in the form of check, cash, or Venmo.
    A $50. service charge will be applied to ANY returned check.